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03-11-2006 18:12:57

I just changed my video card with an ATI All-In-Wonder that I parted out from a PC I bought at a garage sale. Since I just got it from there, it doesn't have any of the software that originally came with it, like the capture/watch TV program. Are there any free programs I could either just watch tv or capture from? (I'm not using this for a dedicated dvr, just so I can record a show or two or capture from my camera...) Thanx!


03-11-2006 18:29:14

The card manufacturer doesn't have it for download?


03-11-2006 18:42:45

I'm pretty sure you can use VLC to just watch straight off a tuner. As far a capturing programs, you could try using orb (http// it essentially turns your computer into a free slingbox.


03-11-2006 22:22:23

About the capture program you mentioned Fugger, I already use orb to stream to my cellphone, but that's not the type of program I'm looking for. I want something that I can plug my rca cables of my old-school camcorder into my card, so I can just capture that video. I don't really want something to stream...


04-11-2006 02:25:22

ohhhh, THAT kind of capturing. I've heard pretty good things about windows movie maker. I don't think the application gives you a ton of options but it works. My little sister is getting into video editing and is learning how to use Sony Vegas and she really likes it. Her entry in an amature film makers contest[=http//]Her entry in an amature film makers contest Or you can just do what everyone else does when it comes to anything involving multimedia and go the adobe route.

Whatever application you use, you'll be guaranteed the ability to write silly messages right above your friends heads before they fall off a building and then upload it for everyone to laugh at.