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02-11-2006 17:55:29

My computer just recently caught a "Trojan Horse" virus. It was found in the Document and Settings/Temporary files folder.

My Anti-Virus program detected it and quarantined it successfully. Should I worry any further? I've did a little research on Trojan Virus and apparently, they are extrememely dangerous.


02-11-2006 18:24:39

If it's quarantined it should be fine...

However, I'd recommend scanning your system completely with the anti-virus software, and also use some type of anti-spyware software to scan your system too.


02-11-2006 18:29:07

A "Trojan Horse" is not a specific virus, a trojan is a [ia1580de7a5]type[/ia1580de7a5] of malware, to include virii, spyware, et al. It's a generic term that refers to any malware hidden inside a supposedly legitimate file, such that when you execute the file thinking that it is one thing, the trojan payload actually gets executed.

Your AV software should have told the name of the trojan.

Depending on what type of trojan it was, you could have suffered no damage, or you could have had all your credit card, bank account, and passwords sent to some hacker's site, or had critical files corrupted, or any number of things. Most trojans are fairly benign and do little real damage, but some can contain keyloggers, DDOS bots, spam bots, etc.

If you've cleaned/quarrantined it and your system appears to be running normally, you're probably okay. However I would run multiple scans with different tools just to be sure, and would recommend a personal (software) firewall -- in addition to any hardware router/firewall you may have -- that notifies and blocks on outbound internet access. This is an excellent defense against trojans that access the internet.

Security in layers!


02-11-2006 18:29:41

Scanned Full C drive and used the ad-aware to scan for spywares. C drive seems to be clean.

It didn't say any name. It just said adv596.htm located in temporary internet files/blahblahblah.

It also detected other files in that folder but they are classified as Downloader. Ends in .wmfurl==http://=http:///url and .htm.url==http://=http:///url

Funny thing is. This is from Anything4free forums...


02-11-2006 18:33:33

Then the trojan was inside the HTM file, a website you visited, and it prevented it from being put onto your computer. You should be careful what you go on.

Stop looking at pr0n. ;)


02-11-2006 18:53:12

Crack/Serial sites are worse than the pr0n. You need a hazmat suit to visit those. )


02-11-2006 19:01:59

So true Tholek, but they those crack/serial sites are good. Atleast the one I go to are. Nice porno banners to look at while doing your business as well.. No harm with firefox. IE is hell on those sites...


02-11-2006 19:11:01

Ya. What he said. Use Firefox to browse that shit.


02-11-2006 19:13:26

[quote0060adf5bb="KnightTrader"]So true Tholek, but they those crack/serial sites are good. Atleast the one I go to are. Nice porno banners to look at while doing your business as well.. No harm with firefox. IE is hell on those sites...[/quote0060adf5bb]

True, I didn't say I stopped visiting them. ;)

Visiting them with IE though, is unthinkable. Even with turning everything on, you have to clean up afterward. You feel like a rape victim. )


02-11-2006 19:13:47

Ya, I just started using Firefox and got the Adblock Plus. Surprisingly useful. You don't even notice if the site had ads in the first place.

I love the customization on Firefox, I made it look exactly like IE (The top toolbar areas).

By the way, the trojan horse thing was from an A4F forum ad. evil


02-11-2006 21:17:43

It's clearly A4F trying to steal your information and gain access to a trusted account of a 7 year old site rep on FiPG from canada.

Or maybe I'm reading too many spy novels. Or I'm not reading enough and I should write one. Or some other combo of idiotic reasons for me posting tonight.


02-11-2006 22:44:02

It was a problem on a4f and it was dealt with, you werent the only one. I got the same message tojan detected in temp internet files.