Need some advice: Is this a good deal?

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02-11-2006 16:20:07

I know noting about monitors/televisions. I wanted to get advice from the FiPG community. I'm pretty sure that there are plenty of you with knowledge of these electronics.

Is this a good deal, price wise and quality wise?


Note Price is in Canadian dollars.



02-11-2006 16:24:02

That translates to $705 USD... sounds like a damned good deal to me!


02-11-2006 16:33:33

There are deals for 32" LCDs all the time for less than that, at least in the US. As far as MDG goes, never heard of them, and the specs (brightness and contrast ratio) seem mediocre but I guess that's expected from a cheap TV. They also don't tell you what kind of inputs the TV has, and whether there's a tuner integrated.


02-11-2006 16:39:39

Here's some more info on it, don't know if you guys can view it though http//