Burner Done?

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30-10-2006 21:15:27

My burner is acting like a sack of shit lately. I get a coaster like every other burn. Yesterday I was trying to burn some data files onto a DVD and it kept freezing up the PC when I would put the blank DVD in. Finally it worked.

Today I'm trying to burn a DVD and it keeps making this fucking clicking noise and it's freezing my PC again. It's freezing when I either try to open the drive with the blank in or when I select the drive from an option list. It has also failed after 3 burn attempts, not even making it to 1%. I put in a regular DVD and CD and they both worked great, no clicking or anything. So I'm wondering if it's the burner taking a dump or something with the DVD blanks or what I'm burning, etc...


30-10-2006 21:18:29

How old is the burner, what kid of discs are you using and what software are you using to burn?


30-10-2006 21:21:57

Sorry, that first post was more of a rant...

Anyways, it's a NEC-3500AG burner and it's about two years old. I've tried FujiFilm and I forget the other brand I was using. I'm 99% sure it's not the media though. I know FujuFilm is shit, but I stole them off my old room mate, so they'll have to do. I was using Nero and Alcohol 120% to burn.


30-10-2006 21:26:34

Tried a firmware update?



30-10-2006 21:30:02

Yeah, I'm not sure if 3500A and 3500AG are different, but the program said I didn't have the drive when I tried the 3500A...


30-10-2006 21:33:41

Now all of a sudden it wants to work. What a sack of shit. I'm getting out of the computer field and getting into knitting or some shit that actually makes sense.

unknown uchiha

30-10-2006 23:06:00

I'd suggest Paintballing.