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30-10-2006 19:05:12

I got a new ASUS mobo and I can't get everything working right. When I use my old HDD (i'm sure it works), it will give the blue error screen when trying to start Windows. 0x0000007B (0xF789E524, 0xC0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)

I did put in a new hdd and reinstalled windows XP and it worked alright.. but how do I get the other to work? Also, every other time I reboot there will be no picture and it will beep 3 times, then pause, and repeat ...over and over.. I tried with 2 diff vid cards (one AGP, one PCI) and the problem persists..Do you think it's my MOBO or do you think it's something I did wrong?


30-10-2006 19:28:58

Are you trying to use both HDD's in the same system or just one of them? Assuming you have more than one stick of RAM, have you tried taking one out and seeiing if it works then?

You double-checked that everything is securely connected inside?


30-10-2006 19:30:50

The hard drive issue is something that happens with some ASUS bioses. I once updated the bios on my ASUS board and got the same issue. Turns out that the new bios corrupts the MBR of the hard drive and windows freaks out. So when you went to the new board, the same thing probably happened because of the bios. The only way to fix it is to format and start over. Of course, I had to learn that the hard way. Good thing I had all my stuff on another partition.


30-10-2006 20:15:25

Ok, I think I fixed the video card problem and the beeping. I unplugged the (2X256) sticks of memory and left in the 1GB stick. Now it loads up everytime. Why would this affect it? They are both compatable (PC3200 DDR 400). I am about to check to see if the old HDD will boot and not get the error screen.