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30-10-2006 13:46:37

I am making a website to show to colleges and for some reason some of the HTML isn't showing up in the browser.


Check out the source code and you'll see two links that should show up on the front page but aren't there at all.

Anyone have any idea what's going on?


30-10-2006 13:56:19

You missed the closing quote in both links (before the >). And I'm not sure why you have single quotes around bumptious.

Yes, what hehehe said. Actually you don't have closing quotes on any of the links below Intransigence so every other link is gone.


30-10-2006 13:57:10

..."http//> is missing a quote after html

Same thing for most of the links. Once that's fixed, all the links will appear.


30-10-2006 14:02:25

Thanks, that fixed it.

I've made that mistake so many times, it's unbelievable.