Is there a way to record analog radio ?

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29-10-2006 00:44:41

Sup guys,

theres this one radio show called Digital Groove, its broadcasted throughout San Diego California and i think some parts of Texas. Either way, the radio station that streams this media online has it in shitty quality i would say 32k mp3 stream of somesort. Is there anything out there than can record this analog station really cheap straight from the airwaves or some software out there than can mimic an analog radio signal somehow so i can record the live audio.

Anybody know ?


29-10-2006 18:52:18

you'd have to have a Card for your computer, if you want a direct record...


29-10-2006 19:03:15

You could get a radio scanner, I suppose, and hook that up to your computer, but I think that would be pretty expensive.


29-10-2006 21:09:40

Get a radio with a headphone jack and connect it to the line in on your sound card and use Audacity to record it?


30-10-2006 07:48:26

You could use an app like this http//[]http// to schedule recordings... Or use WinAmp to stream it back out to wherever you are.