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28-10-2006 16:30:41

I have sprint service, and today got a new phone the samsung a640. I went to there marketplace and everythingthing was like 2.50 for a ringer. So i browsed online saw sites that you can send yourself free wallpapers and all that kinda junk. I have been trying to do it for awhile now, and nothing gets sent to me phone, not even like a verifaction message, anyone have any idea what could be wrong, and yes im typing the correct number.


28-10-2006 17:12:48

my phone service use to block these messages. Don't ask me why or how but they did. I called them up and was like I am not getting some messages and they were like yeah we had these blocked for you. I was like wtf....


28-10-2006 21:36:00

I know some providers (Verizon for sure) block downloads and force you to buy everything from them or on of their vendors. Not sure if Sprint does though.


28-10-2006 22:08:17

Sprint doesn't block downloads for me. I download things all the time from my phone.
text "nacho" to 59537 for a free nacho libre ringtone wink


29-10-2006 04:44:31

i called last night and they said like the text message service is down so thats why, well thats what they told me at least


29-10-2006 05:01:52

Now on mbuzzy, i went to the site on my phone browser, downloaded some wallpapers and then after it downloads tells me image failed.


30-10-2006 03:49:33

That sucks, call them again.


31-10-2006 15:57:49

on your phone browser go to 3gforfree.com wallpapers ringers games everything free

unknown uchiha

31-10-2006 18:59:55



01-11-2006 10:41:40

Just to let you know, those "free" online ringers/wallpapers/screensavers aren't actually free. Have you ever read the small print on TV ads? There is usually ~$1.00 surcharge on your account in addition to the usual text message charge...


01-11-2006 18:56:47

um yah it is free..this isnt advertised anywhere..i have over 40 ringers and 15 backgrounds and 10 games and it is all free go here buddy now just to read around http//3gforfree.com/ and to prove it is free


01-11-2006 21:57:11


I work for em and you can use the locker feature for free to upload MP3 files and midis for ringtones (even jpegs and gifs for screensavers) their premium content and downloads cost money but the locker featue is free. To download you just visit mmm.mixxer.com or www.mixxer.com from your phone's browser. If you dont have vision then it costs per kb to download which I believe is 2 cents.

Otherwise you can invest in a data cable for your phone model to upload content from your PC.

unknown uchiha

01-11-2006 21:59:21

Bluetooth + BitPim. Works like a charm on ANY CDMA PHONE, including my Bluetooth-crippled LG VX8500 Chocolate from Verizon.


02-11-2006 09:23:23

New feature on Mixxer.com, video upload for free and you can also share your photos with friend by sending pictures to their cell phone from the website.

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