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27-10-2006 22:36:32

I usually rip at MP3 320, but wanted to rip at V0. What setting do I choose on Easy CD-DA Extractor?

Is it just "VBR Quality Level 0 (highest)"?

I searched but couldn't find anything. +karma.


28-10-2006 10:00:36

Yeah, I don't really understand what this V0 compression is. Searching around all I can really find is that V0 is referred to as "flawless but I'm only finding that in torrent descriptions. I'd try and get admin's attention with this question. He's captain audiophile.


28-10-2006 11:11:51

Yeah, V0 is the highest VBR quality level. I always rip at 320 VBR/V0 for my personal use, although now that I have an 80GB iPod I'm thinking about going back and re-ripping my stuff as Apple Lossless.

The WinAMP encoder settings I use (EAC should have something similar, I only use EAC for FLAC rips)

Mode VBR New - Joint Stereo
VBR Minimum Bitrate 128kbps
VBR Maximum Bitrate 320kbps
Quality High
VBR Q 0 (Highest)


28-10-2006 21:34:05

I found this on HydrogenAudio last night


On Easy CD-DA Extractor, there's an option for various VBR's as well as "Preset Fast Extreme" which looks like is what I'm looking for.

Thanks. D


29-10-2006 06:34:15

Yeah, the "fast extreme" preset equates to what I'm doing, i.e. VBR new + V0.


29-10-2006 08:23:35

I just use LAME encoder, which is a script for iTunes.

Look around on the OiNK forums for it.


29-10-2006 19:41:06

link[=http//]link to LAME tutorial on OiNK