File Recovery - Long Shot though

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26-10-2006 07:59:26

Ok, so recently I lost my usb thumb drive, and saved on it were a bunch of songs I had been working on. I was wondering if there was a way to recover files that had been opened, but not saved, on the computer, if maybe it was stored someplace while I was working on it and I could find it and open it. I know it's a long shot, but I'm getting desperate. It's like losing a part of your soul...


26-10-2006 17:59:47

Well, I don't know what software you use for audio editing, but I think that Audition uses a scratch disk (like a cache, I think), and if you don't close the program, the audio data should be in the temporary file. I think it's lost when you close the program though.

Again, I don't know what you have, but there's no hard in looking through the recently created files in your temp folder. (Assuming it's a Windows machine) If you know where your app saves its temp files, then it might be there, or recoverable by other data recovery means.

Just thinking out loud here, though...


26-10-2006 19:31:36

They're Wordperfect files. Sorry, it's just lyrics.


26-10-2006 19:39:54

Well, then they should be as recoverable as any file.

This might find them


There's probably better though. dmorris might know.


26-10-2006 20:53:58

I've used this software multiple times... The full version is much better than the free one http//[]http//

If you are unable to "purchase" the full version, check the ultimate boot CD for windows http//[]http// it has several recovery softwares built in, but I've never used them first hand.


27-10-2006 15:22:26

Thanks for your suggestions, but the only problem is that these files were never saved on the hard drive. I lost the drive they were saved on, and I was hoping maybe the computer stored a residual of it or something. I don't really think I'll be able to get them back, but thanks for the help anyway.


27-10-2006 16:46:32

If it saved a "residual" of it, it would also be on the drive. The only other place they [ieeba365ba0]might[/ieeba365ba0] have been on would the ram, and that's wiped at reboot.

It sucks, but at least you'll remember to backup stuff in future. I learned the same way, once too. (


27-10-2006 21:59:53

Ideally you are going to be looking for some sort of temporary file. If you were working in Word, it creates them I think every 15 minutes. When you close the file, it deletes the temporary file but, this is why you'd be doing data recovery, to attempt and locate some of these files.


27-10-2006 23:04:33

I was working in Wordperfect, but I think WordPerfect does some kind of timed back up as well. Let me try that.