Windows Small Business Server 2003 Problem

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24-10-2006 14:02:20

My company installed the OS on a Dell server. From our understanding, it comes with Sharepoint services (used to be called Sharepoint Team Services), for some reason, it didn't work. The Server OS is working fine, but the Sharepoint is no where to be found. Any reason for that?

Also, what is the difference between "Sharepoint Services Portal" and "Sharepoint Services" or is it the same thing?


24-10-2006 16:08:01

Did they complete SBS the installation?
The Exchange and Sharepoint aren't on the initial install disc, they are installed after the OS is functional. You can manually install them though from the cds, the sharepoint is on Disc 3 in "\SBS\CLIENTAPPS\SHAREPT" iirc