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22-10-2006 15:40:39





Windows Media Player


I personally use winamp but since im getting my ipod soon (sig) i figure its time to move onto itunes. I like winamp because its soo simple to use and its versatile with program like DFX and such.

What do you guys use, and are there any cool addons you can use with itunes kinda like DFX or some cool visualizations.


22-10-2006 16:07:31

iTunes for me, I'm on a Mac.


22-10-2006 16:35:28

iTunes, I dont know why many people dislike it


22-10-2006 16:45:34

Winamp FTW.


22-10-2006 16:51:30

Itunes...And the new one is so cool.

I went from like 5.0 to 7.1

Sooo much better + (iunno if they added this a while back or in 7.1 but) the new one lets you do that album search thing so it finds the logo for the album automatically...I think thats pretty cool.


22-10-2006 17:03:38

Windows Media Player 11.


22-10-2006 17:10:59

[quote6a27da1f50="TryinToGetPaid"]Windows Media Player 11.[/quote6a27da1f50]Hey btw...Is there any way to make things that work using Wmp in firefox?

Everytime i try to it says like failed or whatever...Think theres any way for it to work ? or naw.

unknown uchiha

22-10-2006 17:44:08

iTunes, I'm on a Mac as well.


22-10-2006 18:13:17

I would recommend iTunes also... I too agree, I don't understand why people dislike it so much. I used it BEFORE I got my Mac and as mentioned above, the newest release is the shit. It just looks better than other players. The way the artwork is displayed is awesome. The only complaint is it's inability to take songs from your library, or iPod for that matter, and send them to your computer (in the appropriate format), but there are abillion solutions to that now.


22-10-2006 18:24:12

winamp because it loads fastest.


22-10-2006 20:16:08

the windows media player 11 looks pretty good, i never got it till i few days ago.


22-10-2006 21:04:24

itunes is great but it's very glitchy because it freezes up a lot of the time when my ipod connects. best interface though


23-10-2006 00:07:14

i actually like real player if you have a lot of songs, they have nice search features

unknown uchiha

23-10-2006 00:10:51

Nobody picked MusicMatch... (


23-10-2006 04:55:13

Media Player 11 because I am still on the Urge free 14-day trial.


23-10-2006 10:05:19

I use iTunes to buy music and sync my iPod, but not as a media player.

WinAMP 5 Pro for me, on Windows.

XMMS on Linux.


23-10-2006 10:33:43

VLC for general "one-off" listening, iTunes for playlists, and WinAMP for FLAC.