Any Idea On A Memory Price Drop?

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22-10-2006 15:34:10

As most people know RAM prices sure have jumped up very quickly sometime in the last three months.

I was going to get some Corsair [=http//]Corsair RAM that was $179 at the time, then one day I noticed it flew up to $260 and well that turned me off. So I look at others that I was kinda interested in, I find out those went up just the same. Some going as high as $90 to $100 higher.

I've been told it's something about silicon prices or something of that nature.

Anyone here know anything "price drop" related?


22-10-2006 16:45:24

I've always thought they jumped around this time every year. It might be an end of fiscal year thing or it could be in preparation for holiday sales. I don't know when it will fall, but I've always thought the best time to buy is around May or June. Summer is always the slowest time for tech sales. (That is, until back to school hits).

I would say that if you want to get it now, you should just bite the bullet. I just bought a bunch of new components and spent close to $300 for 2 gigs of corsair ddr2.


22-10-2006 16:47:11

Well I've sat around waiting long enough, I think I can get through hard times without. (