iPod not detected by computer

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22-10-2006 13:50:07

So, my computer was fucked up.

So I put all of my important files (music, pictures, etc) on my iPod, and reinstalled Windows. Now my computer wont detect the iPod. I installed the iPod Installer from the CD, and iTunes. In fact, Ive done it at least five times, and then went on Apple.com and got the newest version of iTunes, and looked through the support section. It just says to use the Five R's, which I did and they arent working, and it doesnt really have any other help.


unknown uchiha

22-10-2006 19:11:23

This happened to my Shuffle, I'm sending it in to get replaced. Hopefully, they give me a new Shuffle.


22-10-2006 19:13:16

This happened to me.. i eventually sent it in and got it replaced. Every tutorial i could find online wouldn't help.

It could be a simple fix (google your question) it might not be.


22-10-2006 19:15:29

Reset It. (Not a total reset. just turn on n off the "hold button" X3 then hold the menu and center button)
Plug it into another computer.
Plug it back into yours.
That worked for me


24-10-2006 13:15:13

Man, I wish that worked for me. But it didnt ( Theres no way I can reformat my ipod either, it has basically my whole computer on it....shit.

Thanks for trying +kma when I get a chance.


24-10-2006 13:25:25

I almost cried when all my stuff got erased from my computer (. Hopefully youll work it out though, goodluck.