Pantech C300 phone..... any opinions?

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20-10-2006 11:03:08

My gf was interested in upgrading to the Pantech C300 (Cingular). Any opinions on this phone as far as performance? She doesnt use phones for mp3s, games, email (neither do i actually). All i know is it is small and that was her requirement, to fit in her purse. Right now she has a Nokia 6102, so if anyone has any opinions that would be great.


unknown uchiha

20-10-2006 16:16:09

My friend has one and she likes it. It's small and "cute" so yeah it should be a good upgrade. I personally thought it was too small but to each their own opinion.


20-10-2006 17:02:33

thanks for the response unknown uchiha.

anyone have any bad experience with this phone?

unknown uchiha

22-10-2006 05:26:24

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