FTP Issues...

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FreeEnterprize Joe

18-10-2006 15:04:06

I'm trying to upload a .pngurl==http://=http:///url image to my website via ftp and I keep getting a permissions denied error. However, I can't change the permissions because I keep getting 'bad file descriptor' errors. Does anyone have any idea how I can get this image up into the folder? This problem is making me quite frustrated....



18-10-2006 18:42:30

Maybe you could use SecureFX (if your server has SSH) to move the picture.


18-10-2006 19:18:12

Can you upload anything to the directory? You could probably... Permission yourself out of a folder... but I have no idea how. I don't think you can chmod yourself out of a folder though.

I would personally check with the administrator of your service, see if they can assist you at all.