Mac OS X Desktop question

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17-10-2006 15:59:27

I looked around on Google, but didn't really find anything on this.

On my Mac, running OS X 10.4, I can't see the desktop items.

I can see my background image, but there is nothing on my desktop.

If I go under the Finder, I can see everything on my desktop, but not if I minimize everything and just look at the dekstop.

Any idea how to fix this? +Karma for help.

unknown uchiha

17-10-2006 17:55:46

Wow. That's pretty trippy.

Finder -> Preferences -> General didn't help?


17-10-2006 18:04:03

Nope, tried that and System Preferences-->Desktop and all that.


17-10-2006 18:12:06

Rebooting? Restarting Finder?

unknown uchiha

17-10-2006 18:32:03



17-10-2006 19:04:18

Boot up in safe mode and see if the icons come back.

In Finder's preferences, "Show these items on desktops" is set correctly right?