Need to download something for quicktime

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15-10-2006 17:58:25

I have an avi file that I want to play using quicktime on my mac, but whenever i try to play it, it says that I am missing a needed component that I can download on their site. it doesn't say what it is, and when I click on the link to the site, there are several things to download. anyone know which it is?


15-10-2006 18:09:02

Happens to me all the time when it associates itself with files automatically, I just ignore it and use VLC.


15-10-2006 18:36:02

You're missing a codec, it's probably DivX/XviD or something that you VLC plays it becdon't have installed. ause VLC contains its own internal codecs and doesn't depend on external ones like most players do.


17-10-2006 21:19:46

thanks guys... downloaded the divx codec and it works. is there any software that i can download that will play avi files full screen, though?


18-10-2006 11:04:01

Any video viewing application should be able to do that. VLC, Windows Media for Mac. I think QT will only allow you to view full screen if you pay for it.