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15-10-2006 14:00:12

What do you think about it? It seems like just another way for Microsoft to make more money because half the programs are not backward compatible from Windows XP.


15-10-2006 14:12:27

well, i have the newest rc and its pretty nice, @ least the version I have (32 bit) enables you to install old programs, but I think its stupid to not make the 64 bit backward compatable, @ least until theres updates for the people that have old stuff (like 4-6 years down the line)


15-10-2006 14:29:51

I like the OS but I don't see how it'll be worth the amount they're asking for it. I'll be waiting until someone cracks Vista Ultimate (If it's possible to crack) or until enough programmers adopt it to begin neglecting XP. Still have a year before Vista runs out so I'll have plenty of time to decide, I guess.


15-10-2006 15:11:47

How much are they expected to charge for it?


15-10-2006 15:27:54



15-10-2006 15:28:37

looks like 400-450 bucks or so. way not worth it imo


15-10-2006 15:31:08

lol $400 bucks, cost of a computer itself. That's insane.


15-10-2006 17:14:41

I'm not defending the high prices, but it's not like it is any more expensive than XP
XP Home = $199, Vista Home (Basic) $199
XP Pro = $299, Vista Business = $299

Not counting Home Premium and Enterprise since those are functionally more than the equivalent XP versions (and Enterprise isn't retail nor OEM available). Comparing XP Pro to Vista Ultimate isn't really fair as Ulimate is more like a Pro+MCE combo


15-10-2006 17:20:36


ultimate estimated $259 upgrade price


15-10-2006 17:22:10


I use Mac D

unknown uchiha

15-10-2006 17:42:13

OSX Leopart I think it's a $100 or $150 upgrade price (Seeing how Tiger was $100)?

I get it for free D


15-10-2006 17:44:53

How do you get it for free?


15-10-2006 17:54:20

He's a pirate.

unknown uchiha

15-10-2006 18:55:17

Teachers @ school who buy it


15-10-2006 19:06:20

Hm....wanna hook it up?


15-10-2006 20:41:36

[quote75e9183120="tylerc"]Hm....wanna hook it up?[/quote75e9183120]

me 2, me 2!!


15-10-2006 21:01:09

Me three.