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14-10-2006 15:04:15

So my iPod from FreePay started acting crazy. The click wheel would stop working then work again, etc.

So I got fed up and put up a service request last Sunday and got instructions as to what to do a few hours later. I expected a delay because of Columbus day, but I got the empty box from them early Tuesday.

I shipped it off the next day thinking I'd get it back in two weeks or more, then I checked my email yesterday and I got an email saying my iPod was on its way again from Apple. I looked at the tracking page and it said it'd arrive today. So I was like "WTF? Saturday?"

Then when I got back home from the SAT I immediately asked my mom if it was here and it was. D Then I tore open the packaging and they sent me a brand new one, free of charge.

Apple and DHL officially earn cool points in my book for that one. DHL especially after they mis-delivered my FreePay PSP (Dropped it off at another house).


14-10-2006 16:25:10

Yea, apple does pre-paid overnight shipping both ways on there services.

For ipods with 12-month warranty, it's free 0-6 months.. 6-12 months you have to pay for shipping (around $35). My iPod was f'ed up completed. I opened it up and everything and started screwing with the wires which technically would of voided my warranty. It wouldn't even turn on it was that bad. I was going to sell it on eBay for like $75 then I thought about the warranty and looked into it. I thought it was already a year but I guess I got it from EarnFreeVideoiPods in October, so it was on the 11th month on the 12-year warranty. I was a little worried but I did it anyways, they sent me a box, dropped it off, a few days later they sent me a brand new replacement ipod. So needless to say I was happy, especially since I was considering selling it on eBay and then trying to get a new one which would of costed me a couple hundred more.