Stupid Question - How To Take Songs Off CD Onto Computer

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14-10-2006 11:54:27

I know I'm stupid for asking, but I have a few CDs and I want to put the music onto my ipod shuffle.....

Just wondering how I can take my Elton John CD and transfer all the music onto my iPod......

I know there might be some software to download to do it but someone told me once there was a way to do it without any special software....

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14-10-2006 12:05:48

I do it through iTunes, just insert cd and then click on "Transfer" or something like that. Just change the settings to whatever u want.


14-10-2006 12:07:58

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14-10-2006 13:03:07

Darn, I had a feeling I should post this there, but then I forgot to haha....

Sorry, anyway, iTunes seems to be working fine for what I need done, thanks )


14-10-2006 13:12:49

I think some CD's have a copyright block on it so you cant transfer songs from a CD to a computer. But im sure there is a program you can download to by-pass it.


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14-10-2006 21:14:30

Can't you just RIP it with WMP?


14-10-2006 21:29:14

Use EAC or xACT if you use Mac.


15-10-2006 15:50:42