Computer Backups?

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13-10-2006 07:36:03

I just reformated my computer and put on all the software I need now I need to perform weekly backup to ensure my data is safe in case something brings down my cpu. My passwords for roboform, resumes, music and videos I want to keep well secure so I'm asking what's the best most secure way to perform a backup?

Basically I need performed a backup before and I want to learn/know the best software there is.


13-10-2006 12:26:29

Well, if you are running Windows 2k/XP you can use NTBACKUP (Click start > run > ntbackup) and use that. You can setup automated tasks and it will backup to pretty much anything you tell it to. As far as being "secure" what are you talking about? Storing online to somewhere? Or securing an off-line backup? Get a fireproof safe and lock it in there.

If you want to spend a little money, you can get an external HDD (check maxtor) and you can get ones that will back it up to an external HDD automagically, but then you still have to physically secure the HDD.