Help with windows programs not opening

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11-10-2006 21:16:28

Ok, I was using my computer once, and I had Ares, Gaim, and MS Paint, oh and photoshop open. Then my computer shut down, now, whenever I try to open Gaim or MS Paint, it says "This program has encountered an error and has to close" And they will never open. But Ares and Photoshop still work fine, does anyone know how to fix this?


11-10-2006 21:20:09

Did you try re-installing them?


12-10-2006 11:25:27

yea, they still don't work. It's been like this for around 2 months too cry


12-10-2006 12:14:04

Do you need Windows updates or are any of your drivers out of date?


12-10-2006 12:15:45

Drivers for paint?

Try this maybe for paint http//