Stupid Video ipod isn't recognized by computer!

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11-10-2006 17:21:18

I've tried everything that i've read... uninstalling/installing drivers, resetting ipod, EVERYTHING! But I keep getting USB device not recognized by computer.

I'm running windows xp


11-10-2006 17:27:20

I have had enough of the iPod not recognized threads |


11-10-2006 17:30:36

Ok, i don't care. I just want to fix this. You don't have to read it.

unknown uchiha

11-10-2006 17:30:41

I've had enough of Gooogler whining.

iPod + Windows = disaster


11-10-2006 17:30:41

Well, there's a tech forum now, and they can be merged into one.


11-10-2006 17:33:39


it was actually the same guy last time so yeah... he's justified in making a new thread in the new tech forum.

I've had this happen to me and it was because I disabled the devise or something like that.


11-10-2006 17:35:39

[quotef93e079d50="unknown uchiha"]iPod + Windows = disaster[/quotef93e079d50]

Some of us don't have a Mac. I feel lucky I have firewire.