my damn network won't let me access any computers.

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11-10-2006 17:05:31

so I try to access another computer on my network and it says that my access is denied and to ask the system administrator if I am allowed to access the computer.

Why? I used to be able to access it until my dad reformatted the system... what is up?

I've done that network setup wizard a billion times, i'm not sure what's going on.


11-10-2006 17:54:46

Maybe you could offer more information?


11-10-2006 18:32:02

[quote53ebe8b72f="bballp6699"]Maybe you could offer more information?[/quote53ebe8b72f]

see here[=http//]see here for an image...


13-10-2006 12:33:15

Try enabling the guest account on the offending PC, as long as your network is firewalled (behind a router w/ firewall) you should be safe. Is anything shared out on his PC? Also make sure the software firewall is turned off on the remote PC.