Problems with .dll files

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11-10-2006 13:32:48

Alright so yesterday I tried installing one of those "Change iPod OS Programs" forgot which one, and when I went to run it said it was missing some certain .dllurl==http://=http:///url files. I thought , hell screw it, I didn;t really need the program. But when I went to run the new Battlefield 2142 Demo which I havn;t run before it gave me a similar error with a different .dllurl==http://=http:///url file. Can anyone suggest what I do. I;d rather not reformat, can I repair the OS, or are there files I can download online? ANy help would be great!


11-10-2006 13:36:12

just type the name of the dll into google. You can usually download them from various websites.


11-10-2006 14:15:45

yep, I had to do that with Ipodwizard and Audacity. Just type it into Google


11-10-2006 16:47:52

I used a registry repair program, it worked, but then I realized that Battlefield requires WIn XP and I only have 2k (