embarrased to ask (website)

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11-10-2006 07:31:01

So, I'm a newb when it comes to web design. I have a domain and hosting, and simply want to host a gallery (like plogger) for sharing photos with friends and family.

I intend to put up a simple index page, and then pw protect the galleries. if there a way to offer secure FTP download of the photos (in pseudo high res (1mb or more each))?

Any suggestions for web design software? I don't want to go crazy with flash and crap, but a simple design or template would be great.


11-10-2006 07:45:27

You should check out Gallery, it rules for photo sites. I used to use Coppermine, but didn't like it much, it was klunky and a pain to admin. Gallery is much slicker and easier, IMO. Granted I haven't had a lot of hands-on with it yet, but a co-worker who has a photog business on the side uses it heavily. He secures different galleries for different people/audiences, including customers who order from his site.


11-10-2006 08:29:22

Thanks D, I'll check it out.


11-10-2006 10:19:18



13-10-2006 14:07:17

Gallery is pretty simple to setup and use. I use coppermine on my domain and love it.


16-10-2006 07:22:31

[quotead73f86c2c="Fugger"]Gallery is pretty simple to setup and use. I use coppermine on my domain and love it.[/quotead73f86c2c]

I've used Coppermine in the past and it worked ok. I tried to configure Gallery over the weekend, and my craptastic hosting is being a pain in my ass. I'll keep working on it though.