Computer won't power up.. [resolved]

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29-08-2006 23:54:10

so I just installed my PSU in my computer and it will only power up for 1 second even if that.

It's pissing me off and I'm wondering if I did something wrong or something. any advice?

i built this computer myself and the only things i have in it right now are the usb cable connecter things to the front panel, the powersupply to the motherboard (both connectors) and then the front panel power switch, reset switch, led lights, etc.

i dunno wtf is going on.


29-08-2006 23:55:59

Are you sure you have the power switch connected correctly to the motherboard? Have you tried turning around the connector?


30-08-2006 00:00:28

and i am guessing that this is a dell


30-08-2006 00:03:25

[quoteb32ddbc8ce="freaky1718"]and i am guessing that this is a dell[/quoteb32ddbc8ce]

no this is a custom-built PC..

and the power connector only goes in one way (both of them the long one and the 4 pin square one)...


30-08-2006 00:12:35

No, the connector that goes to the power button that you press to turn the computer on (front panel power switch). You might have it reversed.


30-08-2006 00:32:28

If he had it reversed, the thing wouldn't power up at all.


30-08-2006 06:37:50

[quotea020e153fb="freaky1718"]and i am guessing that this is a dell[/quotea020e153fb]

Why would someone put a custom PSU in a DELL computer? ?


30-08-2006 06:49:15

[quotef8cff36c6a="TFOAF"][quotef8cff36c6a="freaky1718"]and i am guessing that this is a dell[/quotef8cff36c6a]

Why would someone put a custom PSU in a DELL computer? ?[/quotef8cff36c6a]
why not?


30-08-2006 07:25:43

this really sucks.


30-08-2006 08:39:33

Did you change your Hard Drive?


30-08-2006 09:50:32

Does the fan on your CPU turn when you turn it on? The PC might be turning itself off since there's no fan turned on and the temp gets too high.


30-08-2006 10:13:10

Maybe the PSU is just DOA.


30-08-2006 10:26:13

[quote42fa3ccea4="GCY"][quote42fa3ccea4="TFOAF"][quote42fa3ccea4="freaky1718"]and i am guessing that this is a dell[/quote42fa3ccea4]

Why would someone put a custom PSU in a DELL computer? ?[/quote42fa3ccea4]
why not?[/quote42fa3ccea4]

um b/c dell sucks ass


30-08-2006 10:33:34

Do this first Make sure the 4 Pin Power connector is plugged into the mobo. Motherboards have a 20-24 Pin main power connector AND an additional 4 Pinner one that looks like this

4 Pin just like that 2 top two bottom. It goes like to corner of the mobo next to the I/O pannel usually.

Well if that wasen't the issue. Your motherboard could be touching the case, and borking. Heres a few things you should test. Take the mobo out of the case, and try booting up with ONLY the essentials. Graphics card, CPU, MOBO, 1 stick of ram. You do NOT need a hard drive / Cd drive / Optical drives. See if it boots up then. also make sure the RESET SW and power 1 Pinners are plugged into the correct slots on the motherboard.

If this fails IMHO Its a PSU or MOBO issue. What brand PSU is it anyway? Always go with Antec or Enermex IMHO.


30-08-2006 12:01:11

Just to address some points already mentioned.

li Polarity of power switch is not important. Power switch contacts are just dry contacts that short the pins together on the mobo.

li CPU fan, as was mentioned, needs to be confirmed as connected and working.

li 4-pin AUX power connector (KnightTrader mentioned) is also required on most newer mobo's. This is in addition to the ATX 2.0 supplemental power connector that goes next to the 20-pin ATX connector.

li Make sure you haven't bumped a PCI card loose -- a short in the slot connector from a card being tipped ever so slightly can cause all sorts of problems like this.

li Make sure PSU mains voltage selector is on Auto or 110v/120v for USA, and not on 240v.

li If your video card(s) require additional power as most high-end ones do, make sure they are plugged in as well.

What brand of PSU? While new DOA PSU's are not unheard of (as with anything else), it liisli uncommon, especially with quality name-brand PSU's.


30-08-2006 16:57:35

my PSU is an Aprevia Aspire ATX-AS500W

the PSU will power up/light up (it has blue LEDs in it) for a quick second as will all the fans on my case (not including the CPU fan which is plugged in to the CPU fan slot)

I don't have any hard drives or cd-rom drives plugged in since I figured maybe they were the problem at first... (it was doing it with them plugged in..)

so i'm at a loss and pissed. and frustrated

[edit] i just jumpstarted my psu and it's running fine.

so now i don't know what the hell is going on.


[edit 2] it was because my graphics card wasn't plugged in all the way..

i'm so much happier.

thanks dmorris!! you rock +karma for sure


30-08-2006 17:49:29

so actually now it won't let me enter bios or anything it just shows me the screen and then shuts off... wtf is wrong with my computer

k now it doens't do anything, it just powers up and the fans run and the psu runs... that's about it... no screens no nothings.


30-08-2006 18:14:11

Heh...I just saved my buddy a bunch of money the other day when he had something like this come up. He took apart his PC to clean out the dust and such, and for whatever reason disconnected the mobo and various other devices. So after cleaning it he puts it back together and it doesn't want to power up....he's CERTAIN that his PSU is fried...but I tell him that more than likely it's just a loose connection. He tells me he's not an idiot and all the connections are secure...

30 minutes later

"I got it! The mobo connection wasn't locked in place..."

Conclusion 90% of the time it's a loose connection.


30-08-2006 18:19:16

what loose connection though?

the mobo's green LED light lights up (the one that says whether there is a power supply or not) when I plug my PSU in... i'm just plain pissed with this whole computer business...


30-08-2006 20:51:30

Why don't you plug in the 4 pin speaker connector to the mobo, and it will give you Beeps when it boots up. The beep codes can be found online. That will tell you what your problem is. Common issue, But it can be A zillion things from here. The answer lyes [sp? rofl] within the beeps!


30-08-2006 22:20:22

[quote3fe808d71f="KnightTrader"]Why don't you plug in the 4 pin speaker connector to the mobo, and it will give you Beeps when it boots up. The beep codes can be found online. That will tell you what your problem is. Common issue, But it can be A zillion things from here. The answer lyes [sp? rofl] within the beeps![/quote3fe808d71f]

problem is CPU overheating. I need to figure out how to get the fan running. I'm not sure why it isn't running since it's plugged into the port on the mobo that says "CPU FAN"


27-01-2007 22:11:47

So what a weird way to resolve an issue! I was training this dude on ChaCha for the phrase "how to build a computer". And right before I was done, I asked him what could be wrong with my computer?

I explained what was happening and he suggested that I wipe off the current thermal compound on my CPU/heatsink and stick some new stuff on. I did that, and VOILA! My computer boots up and [b4e55e0e229]stays[/b4e55e0e229] on! I'm so happy. I'm installing Win XP Pro as we speak!

So finally, I am going to be able to use my amazingly sweet rig!