Opinions on Canon SD600 or any other cameras?

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23-06-2006 22:44:59

After much discussion, I'm thinking of going for this camera


Canon SD600

It's $280 on that site and $297 on Amazon. I'm not big on electronics. I would love to hear any opinions on this camera OR if you guys think there's a better one with a better price somewhere else. People have told me that Canon's the best.

Mainly, I am concern mostly about the zoom (I need to be able to take small clear details like buttons on shirt) and size (I hate big cameras. I don't necessarily need it to fit in my pocket but something close would be nice.)

Ok I think that's it. Let me know any advice/ opinions you guys have. I am planning to purchase a camera by mid next week so I can get it in as a present for someone by mid July.



25-01-2007 20:57:33

Sorry to bump this.....but this girl wants a Powershot camera, well she doesn't want it...it's a long story. However, her mom was going to get her a powershot for christmas, then that fell through, so I want to be the big hero, and although late, get her a nice camera. I put in a bid on the SD600, not sure if I'll win though. Anybody have suggestions on a nice camera under $225? After research it seems like the SD600 is most popular Canon camera, but are there better for the same price?


25-01-2007 21:02:05

Canon SD series cameras are awesome. I have a SD700IS from Freepay and it's amazing. My family also has a SD550 and it's just as good.


25-01-2007 21:23:31

I have a SD10 and it's great. Small, 4MP, etc. It's a couple years old, I would imagine you could find one for less than $200 these days.

GF just got a A535 from a free site, 5MP, little larger, but much larger viewfinder, and optical as opposed to digital zoom.

If you have a choice, get optical and digital zoom.


26-01-2007 17:43:44

Digital Zoom doesn't do much since you can just take a non-"zoomed in" picture and crop it later on. The SD550 takes better pictures than the SD600 from what I've heard and like JJJ, I also have the SD700 and it's a wonderful camera for many occassions.


26-01-2007 23:51:08

I want a Digital Rebel )


27-01-2007 03:06:33

i saw the sd600 on sale at officemax for 200 bucks