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07-04-2008 08:35:23

[b4ca2a891f8]Since our launch in September, 2005, 123StuffForFree.com has consistently been among the top sites as rated by users. But we don't coast on our reputation -- we try to re-earn it every day.[/b4ca2a891f8][/color4ca2a891f8]

[b4ca2a891f8]Why should you choose 123StuffForFree.com? Here are some real stories, all from the last few months...[/b4ca2a891f8][/color4ca2a891f8]

One of our users opened a support ticket on a Sunday afternoon explaining that she was stranded out of town without any money. She decided to cash out at $250 instead of continuing to $500 and was hoping we could take care of her PayPal order right away. I approved the order and called Curt -- he handles all the PayPal payments. Less than 10 minutes after she opened the support ticket we had transferred $250 into her PayPal account.

[b4ca2a891f8]Delivery Problem[/b4ca2a891f8][/color4ca2a891f8]
A user had been in contact with us about getting a DS Lite on our games site. I could tell he was excited to get his prize because he had asked me a few times how long it would take for him to get it once he finished our site. (Our policy is to fulfill orders within a week.) He finished the site on a Wednesday. I approved the order right away and we ordered his DS Lite the same day. We prefer to buy prizes from Amazon.com, but the DS Lite was out of stock there. Best Buy's website had them listed as available, but we called to make sure. While on the phone the sales rep took our order and assured us that it would be delivered by the end of the week. Late that night we received an automated email from Best Buy informing us that the order had been canceled because some of our account information could not be verified. I called them and found out that the sales rep had made a typo in the name on the credit card. And I was told that even if I resubmitted the order right away they could no longer guarantee our user would receive it by the end of the week. It was a little before midnight, but I noticed our user was still on AIM. After verifying that his local Circuit City had a DS Lite in stock, I explained the situation to him and offered to buy him a Circuit City gift card instead and have it emailed to him. Then he could use that to purchase the DS Lite. He liked that idea and he received the gift card before he went to bed that night -- with a few dollars extra to make up for his hassle. The next day he bought his DS Lite and let me know that he was very happy.

Even though our marketing is directed primarily toward people who are not already familiar with referral sites, we try to take great care in how we treat all users, including those from the forums. We know that it has become more common for users to pay on green (rather than on approval) so we began checking users' accounts as offers credit instead of when an order is placed. This enables traders to pay on green with greater confidence. We don't guarantee that a user will pass approval at the time the order is placed, but it's unusual for something to happen after the initial check. Feel free to ask us about specific referrals -- it's likely that we have already checked their account.

[b4ca2a891f8]Credit Transfer[/b4ca2a891f8][/color4ca2a891f8]
I noticed that one of our affiliates had a problem with their auto-crediting system for a few hours. When I logged in to their site I could see our users' credits, but our users were not seeing the credits show up on their accounts. I then started manually issuing those credits. While doing that I saw someone had already done another offer -- presumably because they assumed the first one didn't credit. I then contacted that user to explain what had happened and I let them know that even though we don't normally allow users to transfer a credit from one site to another, this was not their fault and I would go ahead and take care of the transfer for him. He was very happy and especially appreciative since I had brought this to his attention and made the offer without him even having to ask.

[b4ca2a891f8]Duplicate IP[/b4ca2a891f8][/color4ca2a891f8]
I got an instant message from a user who was interested in getting paintball equipment from our paintball site. Right after he started the site I noticed a referral of his had logged the same IP as him. I told him that even though we didn't believe he had any intent to break the rules, we do need to be firm with the terms. He understood, but he really wanted that specific prize and he wasn't interested in going for a cash prize on another site of ours and using it to buy the prize himself. And since we don't allow custom orders he was disappointed he wouldn't be able to get the paintball equipment shipped to him. I then gave him the names of a few reputable sites that do allow custom orders. He appreciated that, as well as being informed about the problem before he got too far into our site -- thinking other sites would have waited until he placed his order to tell him about the problem and deny him his prize.

[b4ca2a891f8]Medical Problems[/b4ca2a891f8][/color4ca2a891f8]
We realize we're in a business that often has a first impression of being shady and sounding too good to be true. So, our reputation is extremely important to us. Even if the truth might have the short-term effect of hurting business we always try to give people straight answers. That philosophy has apparently led to a great deal of trust in us from our users. We recently had a college-age user who was diagnosed with a life-threatening medical condition. Other than his family, he had not told anyone when he asked for my advice on AIM about what to say to his friends. We know this type of situation isn't common, but it's a good example of the trust our users have in us. (By the way, he's doing well now.)

There are many other examples we could have included. This is just a sample. If you would like to read more, you can view our list of testimonials[=http//forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=59385]list of testimonials. And if you have a story to add feel free to write it up below.


sandra habina

08-04-2008 10:44:04

Hello all, I can add that you would not be sorry to work this network of sites. I have done almost all of their fantastic sites and can tell you from much experience that Dave and Curt are just super people. I had an issue and needed to get some cash fast, and my last ref was just not around to get that 1/2 credit offer done. Well Dave allowed me to cash out early - because he had compassion and knew I needed the money and also knew that I would get that ref to finish asap.

To me you can not put a price on their promptness and verifying refs - making it less easy to get scammed. And all their quick replies to my many questions, and general compassion that they have shown me many times before is beyond the normal freebie site.

[b1e81398c92]I LOVE 123.STUFFFORFREE AND THAT IS THAT!!!![/size1e81398c92][/color1e81398c92] [/b1e81398c92] )

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