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01-04-2008 07:14:10

With recent news of other sites being hacked and contact information being improperly disclosed, we want to assure our users that we take this matter very seriously. Not only have we taken great care to protect all information we store, today we sent a list of our users' names, emails, phone numbers, and street addresses to all advertisers with instructions to remove any matching information from their databases.

Thanks for your continued trust in us,
Curt & Dave


01-04-2008 13:31:27

Wow, thanks for taking care of us, that's awesome D


There goes my ability to read again.


01-04-2008 13:49:09

they're not getting hacked other sites were. They did this if a cyber attack would to ever occur. But thanks for the added protection.


01-04-2008 21:18:38

Just to be clear, this was an April Fool's joke. We would never provide a list of our users to anyone.



02-04-2008 07:34:01

You got us! lol nice job on that one I didn't know ppl pulled april fools on forums. Well Ill know for next year.


02-04-2008 08:32:57

Whew, I have to admit I thought you were serious too, and had immediate concerns about how sending the information out to advertisers was actually maintaining privacy. I almost posted something to that effect but didn't. lol


02-04-2008 11:45:27

lol nice joke


02-04-2008 13:45:02

yo me and the guy that posted below me totally ruined your joke hahaha. I feel like the biggest jackass in the world right now D D D


02-04-2008 16:39:04

[quote20669bfc27="Synister03"]I didn't know ppl pulled april fools on forums. Well Ill know for next year.[/quote20669bfc27]
It's a tradition for us...
April 1, 2007[=http//]April 1, 2007
April 1, 2006[=hhttp//]April 1, 2006