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05-03-2008 00:00:35

hey check out this network. they credit super fast and really well. the support and payout time are great.

Dear Chris stanaford, Network just sent you money with PayPal. Network is a Verified buyer.

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Amount $250.00 USD
Transaction ID 59R79855SL4048804
Subject 123StuffForFree Prize Payment
Note Congrats from 123StuffForFree! Don't forget you can do our whole network of sites.
Custom Note from your friends at 123StuffForFree!

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06-03-2008 14:30:20

very nice.. ive been seing you making that money ;)

sandra habina

08-03-2008 00:56:02

Nice job again Bugs You can not go wrong with 123.stuffforfree

#1 in my book.