PS3 Referral Requirement Lowered

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08-07-2007 23:51:41

Sony just announced they cut the PS3's price by $100 effective Monday, July 9, 2007.

We, in turn, have lowered the referral requirement from 16 to 13 referrals for the 60 gb PS3 (effective immediately).


If you don't already have a console, this is a great time to go for one.

Curt & Dave

sandra habina

22-10-2007 07:44:30

Any chance of any other sites getting lowered? Just a question - some of your payout prizes are a bit lower than other networks and although your sites credit very easy and your support is the BEST - it does hurt having to go for the extra referral waiver, which cuts the prize even lower.

Not complaining - because I LOVE your sites but $40/ref is much nicer than $35 or even the $31/ref that I will get. because of needing the extra referral in order to work them over again.

I should have requested once green always green for traders with TR+200 now that I think about it. Maybe that will come some time soon.

Anyways thankyou again for your great network.


22-10-2007 19:13:27

Our referral requirements are calculated by dividing the prize value by $40 and rounding up. When the cost of a prize goes down, we adjust the referral requirement.

Sorry, but we have no plans to change the way we calculate referral requirements or the policy that limits users to one prize per site.