wii.123stuffforfree Conga Circle

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22-06-2007 07:21:53

What is offered
Standard Wii Package (7 Referrals)
Deluxe Wii Package (10 Referrals)
Ultimate Wii Package (13 Referrals)
Controller Package 1 (4 Referrals)
Controller Package 2 (5 Referrals)
$250 (7 Referrals)

This is how it works

This conga is best described as a Group Conga Circle.

1. To join in this conga, you must sign up under one of the top 3 referral links.
2. POST in THIS thread
A. Name of person signed up under
B. Your email used when signing up
C. The offer your completed
D. Your referral link
3. The top 3 people will stay on top for one week or until they receive enough referrals to get their free gift.
4. Each week, the conga will rotate. (Last week's top 3 will go to the bottom and the next three will now be on top)

-You must keep checking back here to report how many referrals you have so the conga line can move more efficiently.
-You must report when your offer status is green in order to be added to conga.

liTo be fair, this conga will be set to 3 referrals. This is enough to get a good start on the site while keeping the Conga Circle moving quickly

(0/3 ref.)Taekwondoguy LINK REMOVED

So whoever signs up under me and completes and offer will now be added to the list until the end of next week(since only 2 more days left in this week).


22-06-2007 07:34:55

No congas here. Ref link removed. Please read the rules.