I got my XM radio...The best customer service out there!!

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05-05-2007 16:14:12

The customer service is the best on this network. After finishing the radio site, it was approved really fast(within 2 days) which is really good compared to Trainn which took 9 days the last time through them to be approved!! Then they had to wait for the gift cards for the XM radio so they could send it to me. They contacted me on AIM and let me know what was going on and when they thought it would ship by. Then once they shipped it out, they let me know the status then as well.

Thank you very much!!! I love you guys and will be doing another one of your sites very soon!!


05-05-2007 17:37:13

Which one did you get?


05-05-2007 20:41:19

[quote8cf7d999e7="Tholek"]Which one did you get?[/quote8cf7d999e7]

I got the Pioneer Inno which was 11 referrals. That included activation and one year service. It is the portable one and came with a home kit. I love it!!