Issues with offer

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V-Bux Dave

13-04-2007 07:02:14

Has anybody else done the offer through 123stuff?

It says 7 days to credit, which I wasn't wild about. But when it DIDN'T credit in 7 days, I opened a missing credit request. It's now been over a month that that request has been open, and all 123stuff can say is that the affiliate that does is very slow about credit requests.

Has anybody done it and gotten credit? Has anybody done it and had to submit for manual credit? Did you ever get it? And how long did it take?

This is getting VERY aggravating.


13-04-2007 07:22:21

I did it over a year ago on an I-Deal site. It's a great offer, and I still subscribe to it, but didn't get credit then either. I think it's one of those spotty crediting offers.