trying to submit a manual credit rquest

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07-04-2007 19:43:40

after I fill out the form, it directs me to a blank page and the request doesn't show up on the status screen.

Is there a problem with the server or am I just being (strawberry) blonde?


07-04-2007 20:40:00

I know that when I fill out the form it redirects me to a page with a red x which is apparently supposed to be a picture or something. Then after it's all done loading I click on the status and it comes up and says the offer and if it is read and when it was submitted.


07-04-2007 20:40:32

I'm getting nothing.


07-04-2007 21:31:15

We have gotten occasional reports of similar difficulties from other users. Go ahead and submit the information through a support ticket (and mention the problem with the credit request system).



07-04-2007 21:37:11

I finally got it in.. thanks muchly!