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03-04-2007 06:06:51


Have heard many great thing about this site lately, and am very interested in pursuing it with my own referrals.

In TOS it states multiple ip address are not allowed. I have dial up right now so naturally log in under diff IP add all the time...hate it, but ether net card is not working; so my question is...if I am only logging in from home, and none of my referrals show up with the same IP, would I be okay? I am guessing that a referral far away from my home would not be given an IP that is the same?

Thanks For Your Time!

Margot 8)


03-04-2007 06:30:16

We do not have anything in our terms that prohibits multiple IP addresses. Our terms, however, do not allow multiple users to log the same IP address. We have many users who are in similar situations with dial-up service and this has not been an issue for them.



03-04-2007 06:42:03

Thanks so much for such a quick reply....and glad to here I'd be okay. I must have misinterpreted, or saw something that made feel the need to question before proceeding. Better safe then sorry!

I also have another question re a post from havacgirl (hope I spelled that right!) She is telling newbies that she will not pay them until they pass a 24 hr approval process through her sites that they do, if they have a very low tr. A lot of people seem to like that idea, and was wondering if you would be willing to do this on a limited basis (for people with real low or no tr) ?

Your Awesome!

Thanks a Bunch, D

Margot 8)


03-04-2007 07:31:30

We have always checked out referrals prior to ordering on request. We do not guarantee they will pass approval at the time the order is placed, but we can let you know if there are any issues or red flags.

It's easiest to contact us on AIM or open a support ticket.



03-04-2007 07:36:22


You now have me hook line and sinker...

I really look forward to this!

Thanks again,


sandra habina

04-04-2007 22:49:31

I agree, 123Stuffforfree is an awesome site. Quickest payments ever. Thankyou