Best GOD DAMN site I'v ever delt with

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29-03-2007 07:03:49

Best GOD DAMN site I'v ever delt with

quick payment and approval and almost 24hr AIM support


29-03-2007 07:10:08

123 is awesome! Payment and approval is almost instant, expecially compared to other sites.


29-03-2007 09:41:29

I recieved my ps2 in like 1 day after submitting for approval.

That is just amazing!!!!


03-04-2007 16:07:37

123 is definitely one of the best because instant crediting, quick approvals, and lightning fast shipments. thumbs up for 123!


03-04-2007 20:04:06

It definitely deserves to be up there in the 4.0-5.0 range.


03-04-2007 21:06:54

I hear such good things about it, but the payout ratio is still too low for me to justify doing it. Quite a shame, as otherwise I'd jump on it in an instant.


19-04-2007 19:07:56

Agreed, bump it to $40 please )


31-05-2007 12:23:33

It seems that every network has its advantages and disadvantages. Trainn has high payouts, but the service is too slow. 123 offers fast service at a lower payout. Networks like OGF combine fast service with higher payouts, but most offers are only 1/3 credits.

I prefer to go green on 123 sites when it comes to trading, but I prefer to spend my time finishing Trainn sites due to the payouts. If 123 were to raise the payouts to $40 then Id probably concentrate on finishing them instead of the trainn sites


22-06-2007 07:22:46

hell yeah it is