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17-02-2007 13:40:55

has anyone got credited for doing or completehome?

I did Stamps awhile ago on the ipod site and already received the emails and big envelope with startup guide and still have not got credited for it. Also CompleteHome finished and put the confirm email in the request credit form.


20-02-2007 21:10:25

Yep - did on Sunday night and received credit within about 20 minutes.


20-02-2007 23:06:56



20-02-2007 23:49:53

hang in there ^_^


21-02-2007 23:04:45

i still haven't gotten credited i did it on 2/21/07 and it said it takes 30 minutes but still nothing


22-02-2007 13:13:12

ordercash4free - signed up, green same day
youripodnano4free - signed up, green same day
coke.ordergiftsfree - signed up, green same day
ipods.123stuffforfree - signed up, completed offer, still not green
camera.123stuffforfree - signed up, completed 2 offers, half credit instantly and still have not been credited for CompleteHome...

update received mail from completehome, they sent info to affilate on ipods and camera.

I can only wait.. (

Just wondering if I am the only one having a problem with 123 /


23-02-2007 12:35:06

I had issues with as well =\ Took a manual credit request to get credit for it and by that time, I had already done a different offer. Not to be discouraging, but for me, it took a month to receive credit for (


23-02-2007 13:19:37

sigh, that sucks...


27-02-2007 08:09:47

I haven't gotten credited for either. The offer read, "Credits within 30 minutes." They must use Centaurian time...


27-02-2007 17:52:16

[quotef150b9b998="djones64"]I haven't gotten credited for either. The offer read, "Credits within 30 minutes." They must use Centaurian time...[/quotef150b9b998]

Its has been almost 3 weeks since I have done those offers and they have not credited yet... guess I will have to do more offers


28-02-2007 03:32:38

I tried on a v-bux site and never got credit.


15-03-2007 00:11:24

I suggest companies should have to remove their status as INSTANT if they get X amount of credit requests with confirmation emails ( including headers) from customers within X time frame and don't credit them within X hours of receipt.
Think about it, many do the instant offers for fast greens if possible, the ones that take 1 day or more are a last resort (for me anyway) That's alot of potential money coming their way because they advertise as INSTANT right? money talks all day every day (sarcasm) I bet POSSIBLY losing that status would get them all on the ball with crediting legitimate offers confirmed with email.

This for ALL the advertisers not just stamps. It'll never happen of course.

After all, you might get fed up waiting and do yet ANOTHER offer (oh joy for them!$$$). Then low and behold the other credit shows up days, weeks maybe a month later from what I've read on the forums and it's completely useless unless you're going after one of the prizes.

I did too, got confirmation email and no credit 4 hours later. This after clearing cookies,temp files,history as well as lowering settings BEFORE doing offer..If cookies etc. aren't the issue then what is? ?
Just my 2-cents for whatever it's worth. Off to file the dreaded request-