Killer support!

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23-01-2007 16:25:24

One of my ref's went red, and I had some questions about it....Dave was immediately on it and replied lighting fast! Not to mention, I submitted for approval, and waiting NO LESS than 5 minutes....Talk about service support! ;)

Just wanted to post up and say thanks! Can't wait for my $250 PayPal!


29-01-2007 17:54:08

Hmmm makes me feel better that I'm going with this website for my paintball gear ^_^b


29-01-2007 17:59:29

ive delt with this site..AND I LOVE IT


29-01-2007 18:25:28

have you gotten your marker or your equiptment yet from the site yet?


29-01-2007 18:33:07

Oh srry i meant it in general...but u should get it very fast!!