Approval and shipping

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19-01-2007 11:00:58

I was just wondering how long does t usually take to get approved for this site..and when do they ship for paypal..Im asking this because this is the first time ive dealt with this site..(i usually go trainn). Any answers will be greatly appreciated


19-01-2007 11:18:44

umm they approve within 24 hours ( mine as approved in 2) and within the next couple days they will ship....amazing support.


19-01-2007 11:31:07

AWESOME thanks for ya help


19-01-2007 12:00:00

Our official policy is to verify orders within 24 hours and fulfill orders within 7 days. In practice we're usually much faster than that.



19-01-2007 12:12:16

wow you are a BEAST lol...much faster than other sites ive delt with