Anyone tried the Travel option?

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17-01-2007 14:36:58

Have thought about trying it but wanted to hear if anyone has completed it and what the experience was like.

Any catches?


17-01-2007 14:47:51

[quotedbb3f6e701="mookieb2"]Any catches?[/quotedbb3f6e701]

The 'catches' are clearly explained in the terms
[listdbb3f6e701][lidbb3f6e701]We will issue a unique redemption code for each ticket earned. The code is good for one round-trip airline ticket within the United States.
[lidbb3f6e701]The redemption code is valid for one year from the date of issue.
[lidbb3f6e701]The redemption code will be sent by email to the address on file.
[lidbb3f6e701]Redemption codes will not be reissued and they should be kept secret.
[lidbb3f6e701]It is the user's responsibility to find an itinerary by visiting sites such as
[lidbb3f6e701]The total cost may not exceed $300, including all taxes, fees, and surcharges.
[lidbb3f6e701]We reserve the right to purchase a ticket that may differ from the requested itinerary. The ticket purchased will be on a major airline. The departure and arrival times will be within 60 minutes of the requested departure and arrival times. The ticket may be non-refundable. The ticket may not earn frequent flier miles.
[lidbb3f6e701]We will do our best to book the flight as soon as possible after the request is made, but we cannot guarantee that the requested flight will still be available at the same price when we attempt to buy the ticket. If the ticket cost exceeds $300 at the time of purchase, the user will have the option of finding an alternate itinerary or paying the difference in cost.[/listudbb3f6e701]


18-01-2007 12:54:23

Thanks Dave!


21-01-2007 02:00:37

Dave is so helpfull all the time! ) good job