123StuffForFree.com $123 Summer Fun Giveaway!

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13-06-2006 08:49:59

SUMMER FUN GIVEAWAY[/color4e5643f6c1][/b4e5643f6c1][/size4e5643f6c1]

[b4e5643f6c1]$123 FOR SIGNING UP AND DOING AN OFFER -- 1 IN 5 WINS[/b4e5643f6c1][/size4e5643f6c1]
[i4e5643f6c1]If 5 people enter there will be 1 prize. If 500 people enter there will be 100 prizes.[/i4e5643f6c1]

1) Sign up [u4e5643f6c1]unreferred[/u4e5643f6c1] on any 123StuffForFree.com site from June 13-26.
2) Receive credit for completing 1 full credit offer or 2 half credit offers.
3) Send an email= to email=contest@123StuffForFree.comcontest@123StuffForFree.com to email=contest@123StuffForFree.comcontest@123StuffForFree.com/email with your referral link in the subject line.

Everything must be done between 1201 am on June 13, 2006 and 1159 pm on June 26, 2006 (eastern time). This includes initially signing up, receiving credit for offer(s), and sending an email. Violations of our Terms of Service will disqualify the entry. We are not responsible for offers that don't credit. One entry per person per site. Multiple entries increase the chance of winning, but there is a limit of one award per person. The total number of valid entries will be divided by five and rounded down to the nearest whole number to determine the number of winners. Winners will be randomly selected. Payment will be sent by June 30, 2006. A list of winners will be posted after the promotion ends.[/size4e5643f6c1]


13-06-2006 09:11:23

Awsome! I'll probably have to try this. D


13-06-2006 09:37:05

[b5c0e5ae41d]What if I do an offer during the promotion, but you don't credit it till after the promotion ends?[/b5c0e5ae41d]
All offers that are reported to us by our affiliates as crediting during the promotion will be credited to our users during that same time.


13-06-2006 10:20:35

Due to requests (and confusion) we extended the promotion to start today.



13-06-2006 10:21:40

Could you please open a new site........


Even though seems I am ineligible for this giveaway want to say great promo.

Still my favorite site.


13-06-2006 23:19:47

Open to Canadians?


14-06-2006 06:09:48

Our network is only open to U.S. residents.



23-06-2006 12:07:48

Just a reminder that this promotion is ending soon -- Monday at 1159 pm eastern time.



26-06-2006 08:40:25

It's the last day of the promotion.



26-06-2006 09:42:59

Can I still complete an offer today?


26-06-2006 09:58:45

[quote9443c282c1="UsfGeek"]Can I still complete an offer today?[/quote9443c282c1]
[b9443c282c1]Yes. As long as the offer credits today.[/b9443c282c1]

Offers listed as "crediting within 3 days" should report to us same day. As with offers in general, there's no guarantee it will report that quickly (or at all). [i9443c282c1]Since we need to credit users manually we add a few days in the description as a cushion so users don't worry if they aren't credited instantly.[/i9443c282c1]

To ensure that I am clear regarding this promotion to qualify, a user must do an offer [u9443c282c1]and[/u9443c282c1] be credited for that offer before the promotion ends. Offers listed as crediting within 5 days (or more) will definitely not credit in time. But there is no guarantee that an offer listed as crediting within 3 days will credit in time.



26-06-2006 21:31:27

There were fewer entries than we expected
  1. [lic909e4391a]chocolates.123StuffForFree.com user #31
    [lic909e4391a]chocolates.123StuffForFree.com user #33
    [lic909e4391a]games.123StuffForFree.com user #368
    [lic909e4391a]gas.123StuffForFree.com user #174
    [lic909e4391a]ipods.123StuffForFree.com user #3517
    [lic909e4391a]radio.123StuffForFree.com user #63
    [lic909e4391a]radio.123StuffForFree.com user #67[/listoc909e4391a]
    According to the rules of our promotion The total number of valid entries will be divided by five and rounded down to the nearest whole number to determine the number of winners. Since there were seven entries, there will be one winner. To choose the winner we paired a random number (from grc.com[=https//www.grc.com/passwords.htm]grc.com) with each entry. Then we sorted the numbers and chose the first in the list as the winner.

    That person is Chris Waterman, ipods user #3517

    Congratulations Chris!