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unknown uchiha

09-04-2006 13:38:23

Are you SERIOUS?!

Porsche 911 Turbo
(1,840 referrals)

Classic Corvette

(920 referrals)

BMW 650i Convertible

(1,725 referrals)

Lexus SC
(1,150 referrals)

Cadillac Escalade
(980 referrals)

$250 Visa Gift Card
(7 referrals)

Wow. Looks like the $250 GC is the only thing worth shooting for in this site.

unknown uchiha

09-04-2006 13:41:58

>> I didn't notice this was launched on April Fools day O_O


12-04-2006 16:03:04

wonder if I could seriously sign up for that P 920 refs, meh, not that bad!

unknown uchiha

15-04-2006 23:31:52

FGR could eat this site for breakfast easily ;D


16-04-2006 06:35:13

If FGR was going to do it, I would sign up under him for like $10.


16-04-2006 07:12:28

[quote0755926aa6="unknown uchiha"]FGR could eat this site for breakfast easily ;D[/quote0755926aa6]

Haha, no shit, we should get several of us together and do it (Though its an April Fools)


19-04-2006 15:18:04

I owuldnt even waist my time


28-04-2006 16:10:54

lol, best site ever.


28-04-2006 19:06:48

has anyone actually tried to get the gc?

unknown uchiha

28-04-2006 19:17:52

Personally I think 7 referrals is too much. 6 is tolerable and worthwhile since it's a small site (like 100percentoff), but 7 is just pushing it.


02-05-2006 11:54:39

yeah, but why is this site still up? i mean, are we still fooling everyone?

i think you would be the freebie masta if you got a free car.


02-05-2006 11:55:15

haha, i just tried to sign up for an account and it won't let me. too bad....

unknown uchiha

02-05-2006 19:42:28

Really? Aww... I really wanted Escalade... lol


02-05-2006 19:56:29

lol if it's real, I bet I could get it done in 2 years and about $1000


02-05-2006 20:33:03

I actually had him make a custom order for me so I could try to get the Escalade.

He changed it to 1080 referrals though.

Currently have 180 greens / 643 yellows

unknown uchiha

02-05-2006 20:59:45

O_O FGR You're crazy.