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18-01-2009 13:50:23

We would just like to let everyone know YourGiftsFree is 95% done. We are going through the final design stages of the relaunch and should be back within 30 days. At this time though we want to give users 7 days to claim unclaimed greens or credits they had. When we do relaunch the database will be cleared and new. If you alert us within 7 days of this email (January 25th 1159 pm EST) We will save your credits and greens.

Thanks, and be ready for a new YGF!


20-01-2009 08:08:45

Important info to bump ;)


22-01-2009 07:33:02


I hope Admin. has a very long list, as I only have two people that have contacted me, and there are a lot of you out there with greens, and credits...I don't want you to loose out on your accounts!

I do want to cover myself, so I am posting.

I'll start it off.

Margot Evans

I am green on the following sites






I have unclaimed greens on...

College (3)

NOCC (1 or 2) I'll take 1 wink

All accounts will be wiped out, once the new script is put in place, so Admin. will not be able to verify your information. I believe this is why it is vital that you reclaim everything by 1159 EST on the 29th of January.[/colore0570ba233]

If I am in error, I believe Admin. will clear it up for us.

Thanks everyone!

YGF Margot ;)