Hurricane Gustav

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31-08-2008 17:12:34

Hello to all our users,

Wanted to let you know, while I am able, that we are expecting to get hit with severe power outages during hurricane Gustav. This is reflecting on my family, and my particular area, so in turn, will have an impact on my ability to be of support to you.

According to the latest reports, we don't appear to be in imminent danger, so please don't worry about that...should be more of a inconvenience compared to most in its path.

The impact and aftermath is fore casted to last through Thursday at this time. I will be back and with you all very soon.

Please say a prayer for those who are truly suffering the devastation of this horrible event.

I have some PM's, but can't take the time right now to answer or even look to see who they are from...power is off and on and have many friends and family to update. I truly am sorry.

Thank you for your understanding,

YGF Margot ;)


02-09-2008 04:01:46

Hope you stayed/ are staying safe!


03-09-2008 13:31:36

[quoteb5b91d62d1="YourGiftsFree"]Hope you stayed/ are staying safe![/quoteb5b91d62d1]
Thank you so much...we are all safe and sound, just lost power, and got soaked. I am back, but a bit soggy lol lol

YGF Margot ;)[/bb5b91d62d1][/colorb5b91d62d1]