YourGiftsFree Goes Under Construction

Live forum:


21-08-2008 21:25:22

We would just like to let you know that we will be down for construction for the next 6-10 months. We will be undergoing the construction and integration of our new design and script for YourGiftsFree. Some new features we will have are the following

10X Faster Loading Times - No more then 3 second logins if you have a tremendous amount of referrals.

The Ability to "Instant Message" your referrals. There will be an online or offline status indicator. Not through AIM, but through a no download necessary, built in YGF IM Client. You can talk to your referrals, while you, and they, are logged in to our website.

Custom Order Forms. If you select our custom order option, you are prompted with the Name of the item, Total Cost, Direct Link, and Comments. We will then review it, and set your referral goal.

Bulletin Board- This will be a "Board" accessible on the portal and every page of the subdomain websites. It will update in LIVE time with a sound notification (you can turn that off or on.) It will update you with little things, such as new offers added, new prizes, etc. Or even big news, like a new promotion, website, etc.

Offer Page - We now display offers in an easier readable format.

Percentage Bars- You can now see your offer progression and referral progression in percentage bars that will fill up in yellow or green as you get your referrals and their credits.

Signature Banners- You can now finally show off your progress to your friends, or forum buddies with our sig banners!

Offers- Once the site is back like we will have a multitude of offers to choose from with a better direct connection through our own in house affiliate program, so crediting will be faster, and offers will be better!

This is just a small amount of what we will unveil very soon. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or even suggestions. Please do not hesistate to email us back, aim us (YourGiftsFree) or even call us! The number is TOLL FREE! 1-877-YGF4YOU