Rave Review!!

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21-05-2008 19:07:51

Hello all !

With his permission, I have quoted biopet35, regarding a post he made yesterday. He is one of our behind the scenes users, that rarely posts. He was gracious enough to make one under my phone support thread, (on another forum) and is allowing me to share it more openly with all of you. His success with us is absolutely phenomenal !!

Thank You Margot

I just want to say thanks for the swift support on my issue with my AFO account . [b5f7f71351f]And by the way the feedback from my refs that went green today stated how fast they got there credit.[/b5f7f71351f]

Keep up the great work YGF! You Rock!

sandra habina

26-05-2008 09:39:16

I totally agree. Support is fantastic and you go out of your way Margot to help us all.

These new promos for YGF are phenominal too.

Thank you