The Race To The Green PROMOTION!

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20-05-2008 13:21:40

RACE TO THE [be66c394651]GREEN[/colore66c394651][/be66c394651]

Users, get ready for a promotion the likes of which have never before been seen! We know that crediting has been a major issue to our network in the past, so we at YourGiftsFree want to bring you a promotion to unveil the newest improvements in our crediting system. We are confident in this new and improved crediting system, and currently have heard [be66c394651]0[/be66c394651] complaints and will now prove this to you through our Race to the [be66c394651]Green[/colore66c394651][/be66c394651]promotion!


1. You first must have a referral that has not fully completed the offer requirements ([be66c394651]Greened[/be66c394651][/colore66c394651]), but has turned in a Manual Credit Request (MCR) to our network prior to this promotion. The user must also be a currently active member of the forums and able to contact us.

2. Turn in a support ticket requesting participation.

3. You must get at least one new "[be66c394651]green[/be66c394651]"[/colore66c394651] referral, completed following this request of participation.

4. Your first referral (the one with a MCR in) meeting the above criteria (see rule #1) that contacts us via support ticket will be rewarded by going completely [be66c394651]green[/colore66c394651][/be66c394651]. This is a reward for you as well! They get their credit, and you get a new referral!

5. If you have more then one referral waiting on a MCR, and they have contacted us via support ticket letting us know of their interest in this promotion, all you have to do is get a second new [be66c394651]green[/colore66c394651][/be66c394651], and your second referral will also be rewarded. That means another [be66c394651]green[/colore66c394651][/be66c394651] for you, and a [be66c394651]green[/colore66c394651][/be66c394651] for another referral of yours!

6. Any and all referrals of yours will be rewarded in the order they submitted their support ticket, and upon the condition that you have one new [be66c394651]green[/colore66c394651][/be66c394651] referral for each user. If you do not achieve a new [be66c394651]green[/colore66c394651][/be66c394651] for one or more of your remaining referrals, they can not be rewarded.

Please make sure that you have any and all referrals include your referral number or link.

We will only be offering this to 15 of our users, which means 15 free offer credits/referrals will be handed out, so get in on it while you can!

[be66c394651]The Deadline is in 14 days of this post![/be66c394651]

Thanks an good luck!
1-877-YGF-4YOU (1-877-943-4968)


22-05-2008 16:28:38

when will you have a partial credit promotion?